If you're not processing EMV chip cards, you should be.

Did you know that the liability for fraudulent charges, including EMV chargebacks has shifted to businesses not using EMV credit card terminals? EMV chip cards rely on encrypted digital data during transactions. That means less data theft, counterfeit usage, and fewer chargebacks for you. If you're not already protecting your business and your customers with EMV-ready credit card terminals, the time is now.

What EMV credit card migration means for your business.

In the United States, merchants are now liable for counterfeit credit card fraud if a customer has an EMV chip card, but the merchant uses a swipe-and-signature processor. The good news is migration to EMV chip card readers makes sense. EMV card usage decreases card theft/fraud. Plus, by accepting EMV chip credit cards, you'll stand out among other merchants who are slow to adopt them.

Migrate to an EMV solution from NAB today.

We make adopting EMV credit card terminals simple. We offer free EMV credit card readers, so your business can start accepting chip card payments immediately, eliminating your liability for fraudulent charges. Even if your customers don't have EMV chip cards, your new EMV terminals still give them the ability to swipe or tap their card. Nothing changes for your transactions, other than the additional assurance your business and customers gain regarding data protection.

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