Seamless payment processing for all of your locations.

As a franchise business owner, you deal with many moving parts. Payment processing is one of the most important ones, since it affects your brand at all your locations. That's why you need a franchise POS system that is easy for your partners to master and for your employees to implement. NAB's secure franchise point of sales can help you grow your brand, no matter where it operates or what types of customers it serves.

Reliable franchise point of sale solutions for your peace of mind.

How you process payments throughout your franchise operations can be a deciding factor when you're trying to attract potential partners. Let us help you offer reliable and secure payment processing to your customers without compromising sensitive data. Below are just a small sampling of the diverse set of secure and simplified solutions we offer to our franchise partners.

Let us help you find the perfect franchise point of sale solution.

Whether it's our Payanywhere Smart Point of Sale or Smart Terminal solution, or the latest innovation from MICROS, we can help you identify the perfect point of sale for your particular franchise. Whichever solution you choose, you'll take advantage of:

  • Exclusive access to our online merchant portal featuring detailed analytics, virtual terminal access, and more.
  • Employee, inventory, and customer management.
  • The enhanced security of PCI-compliant transactions and EMV chip card acceptance.

Mobile payment solutions for on-the-go acceptance.

Businesses with mobile presences (like food trucks) can rely on NAB's industry leading mobile solutions to serve customers on-the-go. We even offer an option that turns your smartphone or tablet into a mobile franchise POS. All payments are securely encrypted, while our easy-to-use mobile credit card readers make paying a breeze.

Cut down on chargebacks with EMV tip adjust.

Do your franchises accept tips? You and your customers will eat up our innovative EMV tip adjust feature. Accept secure EMV chip card payments. Then, let customers enter their own tip amounts themselves. EMV tip adjust is a great way to cut down on cardholder disputes like chargebacks that take a bite out of your profits.

We've simplified check and gift card acceptance.

Grow your businesses by using franchise point of sale systems that are compatible with check and gift card acceptance. You'll offer more ways to pay, while allowing customers to purchase gift cards and spread the word for your brand!

Let us customize a franchise POS system for you.

Don't let one bad payment processing experience jeopardize your entire franchise. Get a customized franchise point of sale consultation from NAB today! With rates starting at just 0.29%, detailed analytics (via our secure, online merchant portal) and 24/7 live customer care, there's never been a better time to partner with us!

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