HIPPA-compliant payment processing.

At NAB, we know that healthcare organizations are bound by a host of rules and regulations when it comes to offering compliant payment processing. So don't compromise patient data or put your organization at risk by using unsecure or unreliable healthcare point of sale systems. Our healthcare payment processing solutions are designed to provide you with everything you need to accept payments seamlessly, quickly, and securely while safeguarding your patients' sensitive data.

We'll handle your payments so you can focus on your patients.

Our team of experts can help simplify the complexity of the healthcare industry, with convenient POS solutions that make your organization more efficient. That way you can focus on your patients and never have to worry about your payments.

Our easy-to-use healthcare point of sale payment systems:

  • Feature end-to-end encryption and tokenization, protecting patient data and ensuring you remain in compliance.
  • Offer in-depth reporting capabilities, so you can stay organized and easily track your patients.
  • Are HIPPA-compliant.

Run a more efficient practice with our smart point of sale solution!

Allow your patients to quickly and easily view their bills and make payments on an outward-facing second screen that also features an NFC contactless, EMV chip card, and magstripe reader, and more.

Mobile processing.

Accept payments on the go! With mobile healthcare point of sale systems, you're no longer restricted to a front-office setting for payment acceptance. Instead, check out patients anytime, anywhere, so you can get them on their way quickly.

Check acceptance.

Patients feel more comfortable paying by check? Not a problem. NAB's healthcare point of sale systems allow you to accept all the ways to pay, including personal checks.

Virtual terminal and invoicing.

Allow your patients to easily make their post-insurance payments online or over the phone. They'll appreciate that your office provides multiple convenient payment options, which can increase referrals for your healthcare services.

We're here to help you safeguard your patients and optimize your practice.

With an NAB healthcare POS, you complete patient transactions securely and receive payments quickly, usually within one business day of processing! Streamline your operations with simple settings that employees can easily master, so patient transactions can be processed quickly. Our healthcare POS systems also allow you to:


Accept online payments.

Access robust patient payment reporting.

Give your payment processing a clean bill of health with a healthcare POS solution from NAB! With rates starting at just 0.29%, detailed analytics (through our secure, online merchant portal) and 24/7 live customer care, there's never been a better time to partner with us!

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