Accept payments. Protect data.

If you're a government agency or public utility company, processing payments accurately while safeguarding sensitive data is imperative. Whether you're accepting payments for city, county or state taxes, or for courts, parking, permits, or licensing, give your customers a simple and intuitive way to pay online from any connected device!

No red tape. Just simplified payment solutions customized for your operations.

At NAB, we make paying bills quick and easy. Choose from a diverse array of made-to-order payment processing solutions to accept tax and utility payments, unattended kiosks, tolls, and in-person payments at government facilities.

The virtual terminal that does virtually everything.

While having a secure solution to accept online payments is imperative, our virtual terminal goes even further. Enable online payments, while keeping those you're billing in the loop with timely invoices and a simple way to pay.  Save time and money by not having to track down payments or remind customers about what's due. Our virtual terminal does it all.

Swiped transactions.

Keyed transactions.

EMV chip transactions.

Email invoicing and recurring billing, and more.

Accept checks safely and easily.

As a government agency or utility company, you no doubt encounter people who prefer to pay with a check. Luckily, our utility payment solutions allow you to offer seamless and secure check acceptance so you can get paid in a timely fashion and keep your operations running smoothly.

Payment solutions customized for your organization.

Government agencies and utility companies face unique challenges for accepting payments. We make it easy for you to simplify your payment processing with straightforward solutions that are easy for your employees and customers to master. Our solutions can even integrate with a system you're already using. Or, if you're in need of a new payment processing system, we're the payment acceptance partner you need to get paid quickly and securely. With detailed analytics through our secure, online merchant portal and 24/7 live customer care, you'll always have access to all the support you need. Ready to get started?

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