So, what exactly is credit card processing?

Well it's the process that allows merchants to accept credit cards and debit cards:

In person.


Via mail order or telephone order.

There are front-end processors who have connections to various card associations and supply authorization and settlement services to merchants' banks. Then there are back-end credit card processors who accept settlements from front-end processors while moving money to merchants' issuing banks. At NAB, we are both a front-end and a back-end processor, allowing us to oversee the entire transaction process. That means more seamless transactions with a single point of contact for you.

How does credit card processing work?

Here's how the process works. Your customer pays with their credit or debit card. NAB, as your payment processor, receives the payment details and reviews them for potential fraud, before forwarding them to the card association or bank that issued your customer's card. Once we are able to verify your customer's credit card details, we relay that information back to you the merchant via one of our secure, online payment gateways, who may then complete the transaction. If verification is denied by the card association/issuing bank, we will relay that information to you (the merchant) who can then decline the transaction. All of this happens in a matter of just a few seconds.


Accept payments anytime, anywhere.

When you partner with NAB for your credit card processing, you'll be able to grow your business by seamlessly and securely accepting payments:

Accept all the ways to pay.

The more payment choices you can offer your customers, the easier it will be to grow your business. With NAB, you'll be able to show merchants you've got an eye on the future by accepting:

  • Traditional magstripe cards.
  • EMV chip cards.
  • NFC contactless payments like Apple Pay.

Keep your cash flowing.

We offer highly competitive rates and next day, or even same day funding. Plus, weekend settlement and risk-free service agreements with no hidden fees. Then there's our Edge Program that secures you one low rate for every transaction, while giving you the ability to offer a cash discount to non-card users. The Edge Program is even compatible with our full suite of Payanywhere Smart Solutions.

Learn more about NAB's industry-leading credit card processing services.

Since 1992, NAB has dedicated itself to making it as easy as possible for merchants to get the credit card processing solutions they need to grow their businesses. Today, that commitment is as strong as ever.

Only NAB can deliver a true omnichannel payments platform that offers seamless integration across any channel and the very latest in enhanced, PCI-compliant payment security. Whether you're looking for a solution for your brick-and-mortar location, want a mobile credit card processing solution, or want to accept payments online, NAB has you covered.

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