Reflecting on what your grateful for each week can be a good way to stay motivated, and I bet some of the things that you are most appreciative of include people. It could include immediate family members, best friends or maybe even coworkers. During the workweek, we spend the majority of our day with the people that we work with, so having a core group of individuals that you rely upon can be very beneficial–and worth being thankful for.

On your journey to success, you’ll encounter different types of people, and there are reasons to be thankful for each type of person.

1.) The Mentor – All great people have mentors...or that’s what it seems like, anyway. Oprah had Maya Angelou, Bill Gates had Warren Buffett and perhaps the most famous, Luke Skywalker had Yoda. Mentors can be a guiding light through some of the pitfalls in life because they have experienced it themselves. If you are looking to grow your business, align yourself with someone who has succeeded with a similar business model.

It can be very meaningful and supportive to find someone who was walked the path you are on, or has blazed their own trail without the aid of a path.

2.) The Target – A target is the person that you are trying to influence or get to say “yes.” This person could be your boss, your significant other or possibly a client that you have been doing business with. Of all these people, this person is the one you are grateful for because when you do get the desired result from your interaction, you feel accomplished and like you have achieved a milestone.

This is your make or break person. If you are able to influence this individual to get a “yes” from them, all your dreams can come true (well maybe not all). If they tell you “no” then you feel like all your efforts have been washed down the drain. Your mark is a person that represents a justification to what you do as a professional or as a person, so this is a person that you should be very grateful to have in your life – otherwise you would miss out those feelings of success when you are able to influence someone towards your goals.

3.) The “Robin” – Don’t we all need a sidekick? It is your close companion or colleague, usually of like a like mindset, and you aspire to rule the world together! Growing up, it was probably your best friend out on the playground or in your neighborhood. Now, it might be a co-worker who you have worked on many successful projects together. You two just get each other and complement one another perfectly.

We all need someone on the sidelines who cheer us on and also hold us accountable when we are in the wrong. If you haven’t identified who your supporter is when times get tough, then you won’t know who turn to when it actually happens. As a way of showing good faith and support, figure out who those people are today. Reach out to them and express your appreciation to them for always being in your corner.

4.) The Connector – Have you ever identified an influencer that you wanted to connect with, but needed an introduction? You can always try the “cold-call” method and hope you can connect with an influencer. But, better yet, try working with someone who is already connected! Who do you know that might be connected to the person you are trying to influence? Try checking your LinkedIn connections for who in your circle might be able to create an introduction.

Once he or she makes the connection, you are off to go and be your persuasive self. Often times this connector creates a more natural path to business than just trying to cold-call someone or hope that your message finds the person you are hoping to connect with.

Remember that the persuasive process is meant for you to observe, connect and influence. So, create goals for who you want to influence and remember to include the people who will help you along in those pursuits. Success is always achieved through a team effort.

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