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Demystifying the Merchant Processing Statement

Posted by Jereme Sanborn   |   

A merchant statement is a document that is given to merchants at the end of every month that details customer transactions that have been processed and fees that are included for payment processing. Typically, statements appear with a deposit summary, breakdown of fees paid to the card issuing companies, and fees charged by the processor.

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New enhancements to Payments Hub help with taxes and more!

Posted by Joshua Griffin   |   

It’s that wonderful time of year when everyone is scrambling to gather documents and see how they are going to fair during tax season. When you accept credit or debit cards as a form of payment, these transactions for the year are reported on the Form 1099-K. We’ve taken steps to help simplify the reporting process for you. In addition to the increased tax form management capability, some other functionality changes have been made, per the request of you, our fantastic users!

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