Time is a valuable commodity, especially for anyone who works in sales. You never want to waste time on projects or prospects that are unlikely to yield big returns. To help you learn to sell more in less time, check out these great tips from Entrepreneur:

1. Make the first move – the sooner you get in touch with a prospect, the greater the chance they will become a customer.

2. Don’t sell to the unmotivated – If they aren’t ready to buy, don’t waste time trying to sell to them.

3. Make use of the prospect’s best time – get an idea of when the best time to call or talk to them is. Making the calls convenient for them will work to your benefit.

4. Qualify your leads – jumping at any chance to sell will waste your time, resources and energy. Realize that not every person who shares their contact details with you will turn into an actual sales lead.

5. Plan for tomorrow – be sure to follow up with people and plan ahead.

6. Make it personal – try to forge a genuine connection with your prospect, but don’t force the conversation.

Happy selling!