Phone Swipe has redesigned the receipt to give you what you are looking for – more meaningful connections with your customers. The new Phone Swipe receipt transforms the old receipt from a simple record of items purchased to a new way to promote your business and help your customers.

More Brand Awareness

As a small business owner, brand awareness is important. With the new Phone Swipe receipt, you can put your brand front and center. Now, add your logo and contact information at the top of every receipt.

Adding a link to your website can keep your customers coming back online and offline. Connecting them to your site can also be helpful for the next time they come in to shop at your business. In fact, 42 percent of in-store consumers conduct research online while in stores. According to think with Google, 64 percent of these people use it for search engines, 46 percent for a retailer’s site and 30 percent for other’s sites to compare prices.

Give people a reason to check your attached website. Exclusive promotional deals can be a great way to get people to continuously check your website. If you keep switching up the exclusive deal, people will keep checking out your site.

Clean and Simple

We’ve also removed the clutter on the new receipt. You will now see a clean, organized view of the sale – without all of the distraction. In addition, we’ve separated out things like proof of signature and credit authorization.

Brand awareness and a clean receipt is a great way to stay professional. Stay updated and keep reading our blog to find out more about future updates and releases. If you are have difficulties with any of the features of Phone Swipe, check out the FAQ page. For video tutorials, check out the Phone Swipe YouTube page. Here, you can find anything from how to set up your account to product inventory.


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