We all use Google, but how can you make the most of this popular search engine? Check out today’s infographic from Visualistan to learn Google tips and tricks you might not know.

How to be a Google Power user #infographic

At times, it can extremely frustrating to find what you’re looking for when arriving at thousands of pages of search results, especially when what you enter is specific. If you’re interested in more than clicking on the top link you see, these tips will do the trick to find what you need faster.

Exact phrases. If you’re looking for an exact phrase, make sure to use quotation marks.

Exclude content. Use a hyphen before a word to exclude that word in the search results.

Search a site. In order to search within a certain site, type the word you’re looking for and then “site:example.com.”

Find related content. In order to search sites that have relative content to a site you already use, type in “related:example.com”.

Word in specific parts. In order to search for words that appear in the text, type “allintext:” before entering your search. Similarly, to find sites where all words are in the title, type in “allintitle:” when searching. “Allinurl:” can also be used to search for words in the url.

Find location specific articles. On google news, type your search and then “location:” in order to find location specific articles.

Search for a file type. To search for a file type, include the words “filetype:” after your search.

Search for a number range. When searching for a range of numbers, include the first number, two periods, and the second number. For example, 200..500.

Find the blank. If you have a phrase but are missing a couple words, replace it with an asterisk.

Make sure your words are in the results. If you want to make sure that one of the terms you included is definitely in all of the results, type your search and then type “OR” and the term that you want again.

These tips can get you the search results you’ve been wanting, so go ahead and try it out.


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