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Tips For Reducing Long Lines During the Holiday Rush

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Getting customers into your business and in line to buy something is the hard part. Completing the transaction and sending them on their way should be the easy part. However,  too often it feels anything but easy for the consumer when they have to wait in a long, slow-moving line. In fact, waiting in line is cited as the number one complaint of shoppers. In fact, many shoppers are now opting to avoid the lines all together and shop online.

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Fraud is on the Rise Despite Increased Safeguards

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Recently there has been a lot more focus on fraudulent card-not-present (CNP) transactions, as more people are shopping online than ever before. For many years credit card fraud has been the favorite method for identity thieves because it was fairly easy to get credit card information – the data thief could either get it himself or purchase it inexpensively. It was simple and relatively low risk for the average fraudster. But since the EMV liability shift in October of 2015, card-present fraud has been curtailed, as the tiny chips embedded in the payment cards have made it more difficult to make counterfeit cards and to use stolen cards. Read More

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How to Use Payment Analytics to Improve Your Business

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Businesses have the opportunity to work more intelligently than ever because of the access they have to data that conveys who their customers are, how they behave, and what they want from a business. By 2020, data production will exceed 44 trillion gigabytes, according to research by the International Data Corporation. More than 75 percent of companies plan on investing in big data to drive better business practices and solutions, but currently only 0.5 percent of data is used. Read More