EMV Tokenization: Make Every Purchase Secure

Use a comprehensive approach to protect customer data.

A credit card transaction lifecycle can be a long one with a number of different entities helping the process along. With so many hands touching a single transaction, it’s important to use the strongest data protection available.

Experts say the best way to protect data is a comprehensive approach that includes:

• End-to-end encryption that built into both the software and hardware provides against data breaches by encoding the entire credit card number before it goes into the authorization stage.
• Tokenization introduced to merchants in 2001 by EPX, a North American Bancard company, replaces account numbers with values that are meaningless to fraudsters.

Velocity NAB explains the benefits of tokenization as:

• Reduces the complexity, time, and costs with protecting cardholder data.
• Perform all transaction payment-processing services against global tokens.
• Including authorizations, refunds, recurring billing and wallet use cases.

North American Bancard is focused on the security of data in a credit card transaction and works to offer our merchants the best of what’s on the market today.

For information about these security features, contact one of our knowledgeable representatives at (877) 840-1952.
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