TROY, Mich., Mar. 14, 2016 - Electronic Payment Exchange (EPX), an industry-leading full-service credit card, debit card, and electronic check (ACH) payment processor, has partnered with GuestVision Technology Solutions to function as the company’s preferred EMV payment processor. Through this partnership, EPX will provide GuestVision with EMV-ready, fully integrated payments solutions for its customers, including Fantastic Sams locations nationwide.

GuestVision Technology Solutions offers complete POS solutions and software for schools, salons, and barber shops, and provides hardware consulting and support for businesses of all sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises. EPX partnered with GuestVision due to its efficient, world-class payment processing, which not only provides its client companies with fully integrated credit card authorization but also delivers clearing and settlement platforms, real-time interchange optimization, and state-of-the-art secure transactions solutions.

“We are thrilled that GuestVision partnered with EPX as their preferred payment processor for Fantastic Sams,” said Terri Harwood, COO of North American Bancard Holdings, LLC, the parent company of EPX. “EPX is a true end-to-end solution, which is ideal for a company such as GuestVision. EPX offers a complete processing solution in one platform that can process credit and debit card transactions securely and efficiently while helping to reduce merchants’ transaction costs. Our partnership with GuestVision is a win-win situation as it not only expands EPX’s reach, but it can bring all of GuestVision’s credit card processing under the umbrella of a single entity. We are looking forward to a successful relationship.”

After 15 years in business, GuestVision stands as one of the largest technology providers to the beauty, education, and retail industries. With thousands of clients, and over a decade of integrating bankcard processing, GuestVision knows the special features these industries require in payment processing. That know-how proved invaluable as GuestVision helped round out the EPX EMV feature set to incorporate the needs of GuestVision’s clients.

“GuestVision holds quality technology, sterling service and superior information as the most important tenets of its business. With our partnership with EPX, we have added a new opportunity for our clients to experience the best of breed in all three areas. We look forward to the many opportunities across GuestVision’s and EPX’s client portfolios that can take advantage of what GuestVision and EPX have built together,” Ted Therriault, president and CEO of GuestVision, said.

About Electronic Payment Exchange

Founded in 1979, Electronic Payment Exchange (EPX) is a full-service credit card, debit card, stored value, and electronic check (ACH) payment transaction processor with over $18 billion in annual processing volume. Its unmatched expertise in processing security allows EPX to offer merchants the most secure and cost-effective payment processing services. As a wholly owned subsidiary of award-winning North American Bancard, one of the electronic payment processing industry’s leading solution providers, EPX will continue to research, build, implement, and support industry-leading payment processing solutions that facilitate PCI compliance, protect merchants, and enhance consumer confidence. For more information, visit

About GuestVision

GuestVision has provided powerful, complete point-of-sale, human resources, inventory and evaluation technology across retail, beauty, education and service industries for over 15 years. Our complete solution connects multi-location clients through an enterprise-grade data infrastructure to centrally manage hundreds or thousands of locations—all from one easy-to-use interface. To find out more about GuestVision, visit us at or call 800-967-0249.