Your old-school terminal has likely served you well for many years. It tirelessly processes customers’ credit card payments, enabling you to expand beyond cash and checks. However, your legacy terminal cannot possibly compete with the trails being blazed by today’s smart terminals.

Affordable, multi-dimensional, and with full POS system capabilities.

Believe it or not, you can rent a smart terminal from your payment processing company for a very reasonable price. As part of what you pay, you should expect to gain access to a suite of features that goes far beyond simply transacting card purchases. In fact, many systems possess contactless payment, employee, inventory management, and customer relations. Plus, other back-office features that could prove to be game changers when it comes to running your small to mid-sized business. 

Show your commitment to leveraging the latest payments technology. 

Customers, especially younger ones, are attracted to sellers who provide state-of-the-art systems and technologies. For instance, accepting tap-and-go payments on your smart terminal sends a message that you are not resting on your laurels but instead remain dedicated to providing the safest, fastest, and most secure ways to pay.

Make buyers feel special with a customized shopping experience.

More than ever before, consumers are looking for a transformative, holistic shopping journey that includes a personalized relationship between themselves and the merchant. Because smart terminals integrate with your POS system, you can provide compelling benefits to match each buyer’s unique preferences. Examples include loyalty programs, coupons targeted to buying histories, social media connections, and direct contact via blogs and newsletters.

Digital receipt storage.

Those tiny slips of paper that show proof of purchase are anxiety-provoking for you and your buyers alike. With a smart terminal, you can safely store all your receipts digitally instead. Furthermore, you can instantly email a copy that can be readily retrieved if necessary.

Customizable features.

With a smart terminal, you don’t need to hire a technical consultant to change the way your customer facing screen looks or modify the contact information on your receipts. Making changes is extremely easy and should cost you nothing. 

Integration with peripherals and software.

Think of your smart terminal as a team player. The system should integrate seamlessly with numerous applications, software programs, and peripherals such as barcode scanners that will make your business operate much more smoothly.

Reporting capabilities.

Say goodbye to those stress-inducing spreadsheets. Instead, hand the job over to your smart terminal. With it, you can create documents detailing profits and losses, sales figures, refund data, and even information about top-selling items that you can use to refine your stock-ordering process.

With all of these advantages readily available and at a price you can easily say yes to, there is no time like the present. Why not integrate smart terminals into your retail business today? You and your customers will be glad you did, and we promise that you will never go back to your creaky old “dumb” terminal again.

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