Here are eight ways to thank your clients during the holiday season and make your business stand out, according to Go Small Biz:

1.     Send a handwritten thank you note.

2.     Personally deliver the thank you note.

3.     Include a gift with the note, and deliver them together.

4.     Make a donation to a local food bank in your client’s name.

5.     Send a Christmas card.

6.     Send a small Christmas gift, like candy or other treats.

7.     Send a calendar, and mark important dates for your client – like annual review dates – on it.

8.     Use your network to provide a service for your client, and pick up the bill.

Life is about helping people and building relationships. When you give, remember that it is about your clients. Try to match your gestures to their needs. Keep your focus on helping to solve client problems and making things easier for them. Happy holidays!