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Getting Smart About Mobile Payments

Posted by Nancy Bakanowicz   |   
Any small business owner knows that the key to success is meeting your customer where they are. If you own a shop and you stock merchandise your customers don’t want, you won’t stay in business for very long. However, if you listen to customer feedback and carry products they want to purchase, your shop will be a success. Read More

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How to Use Mobile to Improve the In-Store Experience: 5 Experts Offer Tips

Posted by Brooke Tajer   |   
It’s likely you’ve seen customers in your stores looking at their smartphones as they shop. Marketing Land reports 90 percent of shoppers use their phones while shopping, with the dominant activities including comparing prices (54 percent), searching for product information (48 percent), and browsing online reviews (42 percent). Shoppers are increasingly blending the in-store experience with online research, which presents opportunities for retailers to take advantage of these omnichannel experiences. Read More