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3 Reasons to Accept Credit Cards at Your Small Business

Posted by Jereme Sanborn   |   
If you own a business where you get paid in checks, you know the costs associated with generating and sending invoices — and waiting to get paid. You can wait days, sometimes weeks, for those invoices to be paid. For these types of businesses, accepting credit cards using a credit card reader can save you time and get you paid fast. Here are three great reasons why you should consider credit card acceptance if you don’t currently:   1. You get your money in 1-2 business days, not 1-2 weeks.   There can be real costs to your business if you aren’t paid in a timely manner. By accepting credit cards, you avoid going weeks without payment. Yes, there is a small percentage deducted in fees for each card you swipe, but these fees are minimal and you can shop around for the best offer. In addition, you avoid the cost and time it can take to track down customers for payment.   2. It’s easy.   Seriously. All you need is a credit card swiper that attaches to your phone, and an account. With a mobile credit card reader, you can accept payments anytime, anywhere.   3. It can increase your profits.   By allowing your customers to pay with credit, cash and check – you broaden your potential customer base. This broader base can result in more business and more profits. Read More

A credit card processing guide

Posted by Nancy Bakanowicz   |   
In this day and age, with the marketplace more competitive than ever, not accepting credit and debit cards is simply not an option. Credit cards don’t just increase the consumer’s buying power, but it raises the likelihood of impulse purchases and higher average sales, but it can also increase your bottom line. Read More

A Quick Guide to Payment Processing

Posted by Nancy Bakanowicz   |   
While there are more ways to pay than ever before, most consumers still pay for goods and services with payment cards, AKA credit cards or debit cards, although contactless payments such as Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, are on the rise. Consumers like payment cards because they’re quick, convenient and easy to replace if they’re lost or stolen. If you are a merchant who accepts payment cards, you are involved with payment card processing every day. On the surface, it looks quite simple – a customer pays with a credit card, the payment information gets processes by a bank and you get paid. But the transaction process is quite a bit more complicated than that, and it involves several steps, all of which happen in the span of a few seconds. Below is a brief summary of how payment processing works, including a few reasons – besides the consumer’s lack of funds – that may cause a transaction to be denied: Read More