Getting customers into your business and in line to buy something is the hard part. Completing the transaction and sending them on their way should be the easy part. However, too often it feels anything but easy for the consumer when they have to wait in a long, slow-moving line. In fact, waiting in line is cited as the number one complaint of shoppers. In fact, many shoppers are now opting to avoid the lines all together and shop online.

Quickly getting customers in and out should be a top priority for every business, especially during the holidays when you have a chance to make a good impression on a large number of shoppers that you’d like to turn into loyal customers. But how do you do that during the busy holiday rush? Here are few techniques:

Speed up the EMV process. While EMV cards (i.e. credit cards equipped with chips) are a significant security step, for customers they’re often frustrating as the process can be time-consuming and create slow-moving lines. However, many card brands and payment processors have new programs worth checking out that significantly speed up the EMV process. Make sure you evaluate your current payment processors now, so you are up and running in time for the holiday shopping season.

In-store pickups. Provide a quick and easy system that allows customers to order online through your ecommerce store, and pick up those items in the store without waiting in line.

Contactless payments. New technologies such as Apple Pay or Saumsung Pay are not only secure and convenient, but they are much faster than traditional credit card and cash transactions.

Send digital receipts. Digital receipts not only save waste and speed up your line, but they also allow you to get customer information such as email addresses for future marketing promotions.

Makes sure your staff is properly trained. There’s nothing like standing in line and waiting for an employee to call a manager because he or she doesn't know how to remove an item or otherwise complete a transaction that’s a little different. Properly training employees on all scenarios that happen at the register can save everyone time and headaches.

Little changes like these can make a big difference in customer wait times. Lower customer wait times will translate into higher customer satisfaction. So get those lines moving this holiday season.

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