North American Bancard CEO Marc Gardner appeared on In the Loop with Betty Liu on Bloomberg TV Monday morning. During his segment, Gardner discussed the payments industry and what differentiates North American Bancard product, PayAnywhere, from its competitors.

When asked about Jack Dorsey and entering into a whole new line of food delivery service, Marc said that he is not worried for his business, PayAnywhere. PayAnywhere is competitive by staying true to its knitting and core competency. Their strengths rely on payments and delivering future-enriched data experiences and data-simplified checkout experiences to SMB’s. In explaining this, he uses Amazon, who is e-commerce based, as well as brick and mortar businesses and the ways in which they get simple checkout solutions through PayAnywhere. Betty Liu is concerned that with Apple competing, businesses like this one may have a hard time staying in the game, and questions how PayAnywhere will handle this situation. Marc replies by saying that PayAnywhere is an innovator and the company has stayed light and nimble since 1992. NAB has the unique distribution that others don’t. PayAnywhere also offers storefront POS devices, which come with an entirely free ecosystem and a processing rate of only 1.69 percent. Hardware is more robust and software is state of the art. With a lower price point, this processing system will clearly be more attractive to any intelligent consumer and SMB.

More on North American Bancard, the company that started PayAnywhere:

North American Bancard is trusted by over 250,000 businesses nationwide and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. NAB also has Certified Payments Professionals with decades of experience and is proud to process over $34 billion in transactions every year for some of the most recognizable companies in the country.

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