North American Bancard (NAB) is happy to announce the acquisition of Electronic Payment Exchange (EPX) – a global, full-service payments processing company. This acquisition deepens North American Bancard’s position in the payments space and enhances its ability to deploy and support payment solutions to merchants, sales partners, and financial institutions. The purchase was finalized Thursday, and will have many benefits for both NAB and EPX.

Who is EPX?

Founded in 1979, EPX is a full-service credit card, debit card, and electronic check (ACH) payment processor.

EPX provides a straight-forward, fully integrated, secure payment processing platform (acting as both a payment gateway and acquirer) and has long provided merchants with secure and cost-effective payment processing services. This acquisition will help build on NAB’s industry-leading security technology to both further protect merchants and enhance consumer confidence in credit card and online transactions.

What does this mean for NAB?

EPX’s expertise in processing security goes unmatched in the industry and will help NAB fortify its platforms as they look to roll out new products and features. The additional integration that comes with being an end-to-end processor will allow NAB to significantly reduce its operating costs and decrease its dependence on third party partners. By owning the entire payments process, NAB now has more flexibility in tailoring solutions to customers’ needs.

Will this affect my account with NAB or EPX?

This acquisition will have no negative impact on current merchant accounts. There will be no interruption in service for either NAB or EPX merchants.

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