twitter for businessDon’t think Twitter is a valuable business resource? Think again. The social platform has more than 255 million users, and it can be an essential business/marketing tool. You don't have to use advertising on Twitter in order to make good use of it from your business, you just need to provide good content to a base of followers and work on growing your number of relevant followers. However, building a following can be difficult if you aren’t an experienced Twitter user and if you are just getting used to the platform and how it works.

Recently, American Express shared 11 tips they think can help kickstart a Twitter following. Those tips include:

1. Post regularly and keep it conversational.

2. Include photos with your tweets, when appropriate. Tweets with photos have a much higher rate of being shared than tweets that are text only.

3. Share content from others. 

4. Use hashtags. Just be careful not to overuse them and to use the ones that people are already using in conversations surrounding that topic.

5. Follow back. Don't just expect to get people to follow you and to not actively engage on the platform.

6. Respond to all questions and do so in a timely manner. 

7. Ask for feedback.

8. Try to acknowledge most, if not all, tweets that reference you.

9. Host a TweetChat.This is where there is a set date and time for people to discuss a specific topic on Twitter, and there can even be guest speakers or special guests available to answer questions. There is usually a moderator or a host. You could also consider sponsoring a TweetChat to become more familiar with them.

10. Create Twitter-only offers.

11. Include your Twitter ID everywhere.

To read the full post from American Express, click here.