TwitterTwitter is an excellent tool you can use as a small business owner to connect to your customers in real-time. However, you must learn to properly use the platform in order to turn those connections into sales. Here are the top 10 tips you should use according to Main Street Hub:

1. Make your profile attractive. Make it something that is visually appealing to your customers and showcase your businesses' professionalism and unique qualities. 

2. Create a recognizable handle. Make it so that your customers can easily find you and so they know that the profile is your official business profile.

3. Use hashtags and images. Hashtags and images get your content in front of more people and is very engaging.

4. Follow people of actual interest. It shows what your business supports or is interested in.

5. Create Twitter lists. This helps segment your customers or makes it easy for you to see a collection of feeds at once.

6. Search for nearby people and start conversations (not sales pitches). Meaningful conversations can turn into sales but it shouldn't be the focus of the conversation.

7. Thank people for retweets and mentions. It recognizes them.

8. Space out timing of posts so you don’t flood followers’ newsfeeds.There is such a thing as too much content. 

9. Participate in trending topics when appropriate.

10. Keep is concise.

For more Twitter tips and tricks, check out this blog post at Main Street Hub.