A good salesperson has a solid understanding of the sales pipeline. From awareness and consideration to discovery and engagement, the sales pipeline guides you through the selling stages. To help you build more awareness and get more prospects into your sales pipeline, try these four tips:

  1. Be clear about what problem you want to solve. Be sure you are clear about what you do and who you do it for. You may know who you’re ideal customer is, but being able to communicate this to people is another story. You can’t really expect to grab any customer’s attention if you’re unable to articulate in simple words, what problems you solve with your service and what type of person needs your service. If needed, take the time to sit down and review your strategy by answering these problem and preparing yourself to articulate them when asked.
  2. Target your efforts towards people who have the problem you want to solve. You want to get your message out in front of as many of your ideal clients as you can. The more focused your marketing is, the more effective it can be. Figure out where your target market is and be there! Whether it’s online, on the radio, or face-to- face, make sure that you’re there to introduce your sales pitch.
  3. Be helpful. Now that you have those ideal clients, woo them. Be as helpful as you can and don’t just “sell” to them. Offer your resources and build their trust. A good customer relationship can be what separates your business from thousands of others. Gaining their trust is sure way to gain their business, so provide them the helpful resources they need, whether it’s suggestions, connections, or information.
  4. Be clear about the response you want from them. Make it easy for potential customers to commit to your business. Make sure to have a call to action when getting a potential customer to commit. Have something they can click that says “get started” or “order now”. If the customer submits some sort of form that requires a follow up, call them right away! Let the customer know that you want their business and don’t make it hard for them to submit.

A working sales pipeline is essential for any business, so don’t hesitate and “get started” today!

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