Did you know that different colors can cause your customers to act differently when it comes to purchasing your products? Check out this infographic from Visualistan and learn how color affect purchases:

There are many reasons to buy a certain item, but can color really be a factor? The answer is, Of course! Color and appearance are some of the main deciding factors when choosing a brand or product, no matter if your business is online or a traditional brick and mortar. There is such diversity when it comes to color selection, some colors promote urgency and impulse, others promote sleekness, wealth, inclusiveness and much more. Although this is not an exact science and there are circumstances in which this logic is not applicable, 85 percent of shopper say that color is the main reason for buying a particular product.

It’s a business’s job to make their product and their site as appealing as possible. The main reason that color does this for people is due to the fact that it has the ability to evoke emotion. Typically, women like softer colors while men prefer brighter colors. There are preferences for many different demographics other than gender. Age is also a known factor in making certain colors appeal to the customer.

One main example of colors affecting purchasing is in any sort of bidding situation. Red provokes aggression in people, which is the perfect attitude for selling an item at higher and higher prices. When a person is outbid, the notification will typically come in red, causing people to get aggressive and find the need to fire back. Essentially, from a color integration alone, people’s willingness to pay can increase.

Some examples of companies that use the color red to market their brand are:

  • McDonald’s
  • Netflix
  • Target
  • YouTube
  • Coca Cola
  • Heinz

If you’re looking to create a logo, design a website, or design a product, this infographic is perfect for a deeper analyses of each color. Color works for more than just marketing though. It has an impact on personality and politics, so go ahead and try it out for your business!

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