For the hordes of people who choose to shop for the holidays from the comfort of their couch or while they’re waiting in line to grab coffee, Cyber Monday is “the” day. Held the Monday after Thanksgiving, it’s when online retailers pull out all of the stops. Last year, Cyber Monday sales increased 16 percent to more than $3 billion.

And while that’s phenomenal any way you look at it, Cyber Monday isn’t the only online day in which small businesses can participate and promote. There are other online shopping holidays that, while they may not be as large, offer plenty of potential for retailers.

Black Friday. Black Friday is the notorious Friday after Thanksgiving. While plenty of others are battling it out in malls, others are safely surfing online looking for deals. What will you offer them?

Small Business Saturday. This is the day for the little guys and it falls on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. American Express has free, custom, downloadable marketing materials to help you promote the day.

Free Shipping Day.  This year Free Shipping Day falls on December 16. Just like its name implies, this is the day in which participating retailers off free shipping. Are there really any sweeter words to mall-hating customers than free shipping? Last year, data show that with promotions from more than 1,000 merchants, the day brought in $847 million. 

Super Saturday. This is the day for all the procrastinators out there – the last Saturday before Christmas. This year, it will be especially down to the wire as it falls on Saturday, December 24, and it coincides with the first night of Hanukkah.

So get your online checkout systems ready to go. Hopefully, these days – and many others in between – will have customers clicking and your products and services selling.

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