SEONavigating the ins and outs of SEO can be difficult, especially with all of the “experts” who claim to know the secret to getting your website ranked.

If you’re working towards successfully managing your site’s SEO, avoid these three common mistakes:

  1. Don’t select the wrong keywords. Selecting the right keywords is essential to SEO, but you don’t just haphazardly choose; there’s a process. You want to use keywords that are relevant to your business, but not too vague, and thus too competitive. Start by brainstorming a master list of keywords that are based on customer interests by thinking in the customer’s perspective. The best words are ones that have high volume and low competition, but to figure out these statistics you’ll need a site like Wordtracker to measure this. From there, take your top 25 keywords and create content focused around those words.
  2. Don’t try to do it all alone; it’s too much for one person. “Do it yourself” is a common phrase that most small businesses are quite familiar with. With larger companies hiring firms for SEO, it’s impossible for small businesses to keep up with the content and accuracy of links. After all, the number one way to build an audience and gather leads is to create content, whether it be blogs, emails, or social media posts. A small business doesn’t have the time or money to be able to do all of that, which is why co-marketing is so important. If all you have is an hour per week to focus on marketing, BootSuite can help to generate an audience and content for just a small fee.
  3. Don’t build backlinks manually. Building backlinks can be a strenuous process, especially when you don’t have the time to do it right. Although any backlinks are good backlinks, there are certain specifications that can make the practice more beneficial to the ways you backlink. One of these is having your backlink be from a relative site, because the more relative, the more likely your link is to show up on a search result. The other specification for finding the right person to backlink to your site is to find someone who holds authority in the field. Although it is often mutually beneficial to have a partner for backlinks, finding one that is willing can be like a sales pitch. After finding the right partner, you have to share with them your content and give them a reason to choose you over all the other businesses out there. It can be more competitive than you’d think.

Save your time and follow these three tips to effective SEO. Not every business has the ability or the means to do this successfully, so if you’re just starting up, trying out BootSuite to find partners and backlink automatically might just be the right move for your small business, so get started today.

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