If you are a small business owner, don’t let well-written blogs about your business become low on your priority list. To help you make the most of your blogs, here is a list of bad writing habits you should break, according to Hubspot:

1. Don’t use more than one exclamation point at the end of a sentence. Hubspot says the more exclamation points you use at the end of a sentence, the weaker and less believable your point becomes – and we agree. If you think you need an exclamation point for a sentence in your blog, please use only one.

2. Don’t write long, wordy paragraphs. Most people simply skim the page when reading blogs or articles on the internet. To help people get the most from your posts, write in concise and short sentences. You should also try to keep it to only 2-3 sentences per paragraph.

3. Avoid using buzzwords. Buzzwords might sound cool the first time you use them, but then they you start to see them everywhere and they get annoying. Avoid using buzzwords and slag popular with younger crowds in your blogs – you could be using them in the wrong context and end up hurting your brand.

4. Don’t ramble on. Be sure to make your point in the first few sentences of your blog. This will get readers interested and keep them reading. Don’t include any unnecessary information or stories.

5. Avoid using vague language and be clear about your topic. If your blog post is vague, people won’t understand your points. Here are some tips on how not to be vague:

  • Write a clear headline.
  • Communicate only one point per paragraph.
  • Use short sentences and words.
  • If you are having trouble communicating your concept clearly, spend more time researching it.

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