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These 12 tips can make any ordinary entrepreneur an extraordinary entrepreneur. Let’s take a further look at some of these tips to develop yourself and your business.

Invest time to self-development. Developing your skills and your knowledge is important for any entrepreneur. Figuring out what your weaknesses are can be difficult, but continue to search for them to improve and don’t be afraid to ask for tips from others.

Despise Mediocrity. It’s never good enough to just do something- do it the best you can! Just how you would invest time into self-development, invest time into your business and your product. This means taking time even on the little things because every detail matters. The designer of the Facebook “like” button spent over 180 hours redesigning it, because he too, despised mediocrity.

Enjoy constructive criticism, instruction, and practice. Criticism is the perfect way to learn to improve. Take people’s advice into consideration and don’t take it personally. Even if it does come off offensive, they are trying to help.

Deal quickly and aggressively with failure. Dealing with failure is what separates the good sales people from the bad. Many times, a bad sales person will receive a hard rejection and refuse to move on or turn their sales pitch mundane. The great ones take rejection, learn from it, and move on like it never happened. This is applicable to entrepreneurs as well. Whether it’s a business decision or the company itself, don’t be afraid to keep trying.

Pressure yourself. Pushing yourself to the limits will not only make your business more efficient, but will help you develop as an entrepreneur. Setting shorter and shorter goals along with avoiding distractions will keep your business moving, but pay attention- don’t fatigue yourself! Entrepreneurial burnout is serious, so stay well rested.

Follow these tips to figure out how you work best as an entrepreneur. Work at self-development, but take it one step at a time. Go ahead and take that first step!


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