Businesses need to plan now for success in 2015. Here are 10 things business owners need to do to prepare for a great year, according to Small Biz Lady:

1. Set business resolutions. Decide what you want for your business in 2015. Set specific, measurable goals and set times to review and see the progress you make along the way.

2. Revisit your business plan. Make sure your business plan and your company goals line up. Make adjustments as needed at keep them in alignment.

3. Create a promotions calendar. Select the holidays and other special days you’d like to plan your promotions around. This will ensure you plan in advance and can pre-set social media posts, blog posts, advertising campaigns, signage and other marketing needs.

4. Think about your staffing needs. Develop a hiring strategy for the year. Decide whether you need part time employees, temps, virtual assistants or freelancers instead of additional full-time employees.

5. Invest in technology. Increase your efficiency by purchasing the hardware and software you need. This is a good time to make purchases as you can reduce your taxable income.

6. Create a conference plan. Reap the benefits of conferences and trade shows relevant to your industry. You can meet and network with other people in the field, potential customers and leading experts. Research upcoming events and make plans to attend those most likely to be beneficial to you.

7. Reassess your online brand. Google your business name and take note of the search results. Update your website images, bio and headshots as needed. Take a look at your online strategy. Figure out what you need to elevate your business and get rid of the tools that aren’t working for you.

8. Review employee skills. Plan training sessions and events to update your employees’ skills. Ensure that they are equipped to do their jobs and help move your business toward its goals.

9. Get smarter. Strive to learn more about your industry. Read blogs, books and magazines that relate to your business. Keep up with industry trends and prepare for expected changes.

10. Get organized. Clean up your workspace. Get rid of things you don’t need. Properly file and store items you need so they are easier to find.